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 Kingdom: Whiterun

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PostSubject: Kingdom: Whiterun   Mon Sep 07, 2009 7:30 am

-The Kingdom of Whiterun dominates the region of central Skyrim known as White Hold.
-The first king of Whiterun and founder of Whiterun city was Arrath Wild-Blood.
-After introduction to the religion of the Nine Divines by Imperials, Arkay, the god of Birth and Death, became the most widely worshiped deity in the region. Arkay has sinced been named the official deity of the Kingdom. The Nordic god Shor is also representative of Whiterun, being the traditional god worshiped by the Nords in the area.
-The former king of Whiterun was King Roadon. He is called the "former" king not because he died but because he was overthrown by a tyrant.
-Whiterun is now ruled by the self-proclaimed Queen Jsashe who took the throne from King Roadon. Jsashe is a witch who rules with an iron fist and cares about none but herself. As a result, Whiterun city and the surrounding areas have come upon bad times.
-Reverence Day 22nd Frostfall (October 22nd). A widely celebrated holiday that originated in the region dedicated to the god Arkay. People all over the province pay their respects to the dead, and believe that, on this day, only they can talk to the dead. The holiday is celebrated by gathering at ancient ruins or at graveyards and offering feasts to the dead.
-The most prominent Barbarian Tribe in Whiterun is Jonugstaal.
-The kingdom of Whiterun includes the Lorddoms of Hrotangar and Bardmont.
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Kingdom: Whiterun
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